Halal Certified MREs

We have partnered with one of the best manufacturers in the industry to introduce 100% Halal Certified MREs to the market which have been field tested and have a long shelf life.

Our Halal MREs can cater for any demand be it military, institutional, and even the civilian marketplaces that are keen for humanitarian and disaster relief efforts. Our meals are also ideal for an array of situations where common food isn’t available.

With our years of experience in the MRE meals sector in addition to today’s food technology, we can confidently say that we are proud to provide some of the most reliable Halal ready to eat meals in the market. Our products are 100 percent compliant with the Halal standards that are provided by the Sharia Laws and Regulations.

The provision of Halal ready to eat meals is imperative, particularly when traditional food is not available due to unforeseen events and disasters. Issues of malnutrition become even more concerning because of inadequate food storage, clean sources of water and even limited cooking facilities in the affected regions. These types of scenarios tend to make the distribution of food a challenging task and one that is nearly impossible to achieve in an efficient manner in order to ensure each individual gets the food or nutrients that they require to survive. However, with the provision of our Halal meals that are ready to eat, this challenge becomes significantly less.

Each of our Halal configurations provides an array of bread items, main entrees, snacks, spreads, desserts, sides, beverages and accessory packs that include condiment kits, utensils, napkins as well as flameless ration heaters. All of these items are packed in high-density tamper and waterproof bag, and it’s embossed with pack date or lot number even on the case. Our company has the capability and flexibility to customize and modify each of our main configurations to meet specific requirements in regards to nutritional value, calorie count as well as components.

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