Custom MREs

If you want to create your very own MREs, then custom MREs are the way to go. You get to choose your own entree, as well as the drink mix, coffee, snack, dessert, bread, hygienic items, and just about anything else you might want. We even have various foods to satisfy numerous cultural customs and dietary needs too. We have options ranging from gluten-free to vegetarian! If you buy more than a thousand from us, we’ll even include your provided logo on the bag at no charge. This makes for a great fundraiser.

Email us so we can start working out your best options given your situation and requirements. We have plenty of flexibility in regards to customizing meals for distinct circumstances. We can customize our MREs for many applications, based on the needs of the customers.

Corporate/International/LEO/EMA Orders: Contact us directly in order for assistance and quotes.

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